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Thursday, 13 September 2007

Eat, drink like there's no tomorrow

Sometimes you wonder, why one day sebelum mula puasa we will eat and drink all that we can. Macamlah sebula pose nie langsung tak leh makan sebulan. Masa bukak pose kan boleh makan.
Mengata dulang si paku serpih...mengata org aku yang over lebih...he he he....
Anyway, for the strategy to loose weight(what!not again!macam dejavu tau!) during this fasting month and maintaining masa raya yang slalunyer akan raya sakan and makan and si ambang bought a weighing scale for our room. This is to monitor the progress on daily basis. My starting weight, 67kg so as mentioned much much earlier, ideal weight should be 55 kg by end of 2007 and 50kg by mid 2008. This will be my KPI.
We celebrated 2 birthdays yesterday, the food court style..bukan sebab we all sengkek tau, but kedai kopi si gloria tu tak nak bukak ler pulak which was supposed to our original venue. Tukang bawak kunci tak datang2 so not only us waited in front of the kedai kopi, so did the rest of the kedai kopi crew...APAKAH?????? Nevertheless, it was a smashing celebration...To my 2 dearest sisters, GTL and Altaribu...Happy birthday and love both of you...Hope whatever happens during your life journey will be a pleasant experience and moga panjang umur and rezeki...
Agenda wajib bile dah ramai2 nie bergossip lah!!
My wonderful boss(read the whole para then you know my I am on my bodeking mode) took us out for lunch kat kedai tomyam KLCC. Memang best and happening. After what our team went through, the fight, dissagreement and many other not so pretty situation, it is so good to know that things are getting much much better than before...Again, sambutan Hari Jadi again, three person in our team, Minah PB, Mamat Psiko and a new joiners that the nickname is yet to be determined....Lepas dah mentedarah macam refer to the first phrase above, gi pulak kedai air buah, detox lah konon dgn si ambang and minah money matters.
Akak balik awal gak, yelah malam tadik kan mula terawih and plan nak tidur awal sebab nak sahur kan. Masa dulu apa yang patut so boleh panaskan then bed time baby!!!!
Selamat Berpose Semua!!!

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