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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Last entry & My new home

Hi there. Don't be surprise suddenly there's an entry from me who have been awfully quiet for the last few months. Not by choice, was just setting my priority right.
Well, this will my last entry for this blog. I have a new home now.....
You'll know when you enter the new home.
Thanks all and hope to see you all in cyber space .........

Monday, 26 October 2009

The one where I want to thank my dad

My dad....
My old man....
My father.....
I never thought one day, I will be writing about my dad. My dad is a very strict and perfectionist man. Everything has to be in order. Everything that don't follow his way is the wrong way. Everything has to be perfect otherwise why bother doing it anyway!
My dad had also thought me how to be tough. Crying is not acceptable. I remembered when I was small, my dad took me to the dentist and he warned me about crying. While the dentist was doing the extraction, he stood there at the door making sure I won't cry. And I did not cry, just shed some tears but no sound.
My dad also told me, no matter how a person behave, and if that person is older, there's no excuse for me to misbehave or in malay terms "kurang ajar" to that person. To him, it's a reflection of how I was raised if I do misbehave.
My dad also thought me though we are equipped with all the knowledge in the world, if it's not complimented with hard work, success will not happen. Work hard is a must, not just work smart.
I owe many things in life to my dad. Why this entry? Nope, it's not his birthday or any special event. Cause, I am thinking of my dad and that does not require me to have a special event!

Sunday, 25 October 2009

My click here, here and here entry!

Ooooo.... korang mengata aku yer....
Yelah, akak ada blog ke???
Anyway, wanted to have this entry earlier however, time is just not on myside nowadays. As much as I tried to manage and adjust here and there, I got to admit, I still need more than 24 hours a day. Don't we all.
If it's not too late, I want to put on record I had a great Raya. Been to many open houses, the last weekend of Raya was 13 Saturday and Sunday combined. We went to many places, and tried our best to attend all the invites except for the day Adik got engaged.
The last one was at lil^red's Open House which I got to meet my blogger friends. And I am so proud I succumbed to all the sarcasm and remarks menusuk kalbu about the "activeness" of my blog. Then, they asked me when do I plan to blog about this very soon after the even. "Alah, akak buat ler click here, here and here entry!".
Sampai sudah, baru ler nak buat. So here's my click here, here, here, here and here entry for the happenings of the event. And dapat member baru, so apa lagik, click here lah!
At least akak nie takde ler truk macam click here yang nie....Hahahaha!!!
Anyway, will try to be more dilligent in future. Tak larat ler kena perli!!!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Adik's engagement

Adik's engagement was held last Saturday. I tell you it was a grand event, macam kenduri kahwin. Yelah, Adik is the youngest and the last one for us to have such ceremony. Hence, that explains the kebesaran of the majlis.

It was held penuh adat istiadat. Complete with pantun and seloka melayu by the experts in the subject matter.

The hantaran pink vs blue, pink is ourside of course.

The girls love the way their Cik Cu looked. Very pretty they said. I was about to drop some tears looking at Adik, how she has grown up to be a lovely woman. The first time I met her, she was still in her primary school and now ready to be married.

Of course, me and my better half shared her happiness....

Insyallah Adik, Abg Man dgn K Liza doakan Adik bahagia selalu dan jodoh kekal selamanya!

Friday, 9 October 2009

My very first handphone

While I was going through some stuff at Kampung, I cam across this antique thing in the drawer of the dressing table.
This was my first handphone back in 1997. Besar gedabak giler!!!
It was an Alcatel and was categorised as one of the coolest phone that era.
Kalau sekarang ada phone camni, malu nak answer calls in public....balik anjing pun anjing meninggal!!!

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Raya 2009 - Family Potrait

This pics were taken when we came back from Batu Pahat, the 4th Raya and we had this Raya gathering @ our house in BSP. All of us were there, the first pics were everyone is in the picture.
My parents, my 2 brothers and their family and of course my better half with the cuties.
And this is all the grandchildren my parents have. Of course there's Anis's mother(Iwan's wife) to hold Anis.
Now you know why I did not blog at all during Raya. I was really enjoying myself and this is one of the best raya I ever had!

Hari Raya 2009 - The Snapshots of theme colour

It's a norm for us to have 2 colour theme for each Raya. Once for the first day and another one for the second day. We would usually let the cuties decide what colour they would want as the theme and this year they had chosen green and pink.

I love how all the baju raya turn out. Love the colour combination our family had, similar yet with distinctive difference.
Hope it's not too late to wish Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin!