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Saturday, 16 February 2008

Another unplanned weekend

As I have mentioned before, in order for something to take place, we can't plan it. This weekend, we thought it will be cool to spend it at the beach side. But, we choose not to travel that far so we decided to go to this beach about 45 minutes drive from our house. This place called Pantai Remis(not the one in Perak). For the Selangor local, they would know there is this apartment building that can be rented. The price is very reasonable, RM160 for an air conditioned 3 rooms apartment.
Actually our main intention to be here is to eat the delicious seafood at Pantai Jeram. If we choose to go and eat there and drive back, it will be very late after we are done and jalan kat situ dah ler gelap ya amat, so staying in for the nite is the best option.
We arrived at around 3pm. After checking in, we went out for a while to grab and bite. Then we proceed to take the cuties to the pool.

Tonite will be the seafood nite...My parents will be joining us later. Will keep you updated later!!

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