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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Rengit Kopitiam

Setelah penat berjalan, kita minum dulu!!!!
We stopped by at this place called Rengit Coffee located in the BP Square. I wanted to taste the coffee cause I know for a fact, kopi kampung nie lagi kaw dari all those Starbucks, San Frans segala! So, Rengit Coffee it is.
Love the deco of the place. Really nice and neat. I forgot to snap pics of this cause already tired of walking. The chairs were very nice as well. Very unique indeed.
We ordered only something light like coffee, toast and the cuties has chocolate shake. I can say the coffee was not dissapointing. Memang kaw sungguh!
My better half had this latte with honey. He loved this as well.
I don't think it's fair for me to do a review on this place when we did not actually taste the real food here. But, as far as the coffee is concern, memang best!

2 normalies:

★ Nu♥ℜul ★ said...

harga camne liza..lebih kurang ?

Liza said...

nurul-harga ok, not bad and cheaper than other kopitiam that I've been to