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Monday, 8 June 2009

My new toy - HP Mini 1000

I am not a gadget person. I think people who knows me can vouch to that. I will always go for something which look nice and I will not be embarrassed seen using it. After all, who wants to be seen with a hideous object while surfing in a prominent cafe in KL kan?
After receiving some rezeki extra last week, I know I have to make a quick decision before I start to spend the money buying things I will regret later. I have save some in ASB and Tabung Haji and some extra funds for the cuties bank account, I had some extra balance left so I thought to give myself a treat by purchasing a netbook, the smaller version of a laptop.
I did some research(actually, my brother Iwan did and I asked and "harassed" the friendly guys in our IT department) and they have recommended me this HP Mini 1000. I fell in love with this just by looking at the brochure and I know I must have one!
Since my brother is also in the IT line, he offered me this good deal. One HP Mini 1000 complete with the bag and mouse plus an external hard drive 250 gig at RM2000. He also did all the installing for the netbook.
This arrived yesterday and I love it already. It's so light, small and compact that it can even fit in my handbag!
I have been wanting to blog more seriously and frequently and hence by purchasing this gadget would take blogging as far as I am concern to a greater level.

7 normalies:

ak_0143 said...


Jelly said...

kak, if u dun mind..
berapa ekk harga netbook tu...

Gina said...

lepas nie rerajin la buat entry psl makan-makan yer

nae said...

So very cute. Bertambah le harta karun dlm beg tu ye... :)

Jelly said...

oooo RM2K ekkk
pesal memula baca td tak nampak ekk..

Liza said...

Ak-good buy kan?

Jelly- sorry lambat reply, nasib baik dah dapat the answer

Gina-got one more entry for tomorrow

Nae-yup, makin berat skit

adenium said...

looking fwd to have 1 jugak..hehehehe