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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Upin Dan Ipin - Glamour already

While channel surfing last weekend, I came across this FFM thing going on Astro. And just so happen there was this performance from Upin Dan Ipin with Ito and ntah apa ntah the rapper.

The cuties love Upin Dan Ipin. During their birthday party, the theme was Cartoon Character and we wore Upin Dan Ipi T-Shirt.

Actually, not only the cuties love Upin Dan Ipin, maknyer pun suka gak....

3 normalies:

*ayu* said...

upin ipin mmg best!!!

chokilala said...

rapper tu altimet kot? yang famous dengan lagu chantek tu :)

Liza said...

ayu - mmg best!

chokilala - yelah, baru tringat