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Friday, 9 October 2009

My very first handphone

While I was going through some stuff at Kampung, I cam across this antique thing in the drawer of the dressing table.
This was my first handphone back in 1997. Besar gedabak giler!!!
It was an Alcatel and was categorised as one of the coolest phone that era.
Kalau sekarang ada phone camni, malu nak answer calls in public....balik anjing pun anjing meninggal!!!

3 normalies:

Nurhayati said...

hihih kenangan tu ;)

adenium said...

hahhaha...sid dulu first phone was motorola tuh... botol air...

Liza said...

yati - sungguh terkenang!

sid - i got that version too, if i look hard, maybe i'll find it