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Thursday, 27 September 2007

Can people stop calling me SITI!!!

Yesterday, I received 4 emails that started by calling me Siti. I don't like people to call me by that name and I have my reason. My family, as for the females, all will have Siti in front of our names. This started even during my great grandma. So, kalau raya kat kampung, when people call and asking for Siti, the next question will be Siti who? Furthermore, my mom is known as Siti so when you call me Siti, I will feel like you are calling my mom. I always believe you need to address people with the name that they are comfortable with so me Liza ya!

I went back pretty early, 4.30 on the dot cause it's my turn to pick up my son from school. Again, it must be my lucky day. LRT lengang giler, the photos taken below is at Bangsar yer. Even as I entered the LRT from KLCC, immediately I got a seat. So, this will motivate me more to go back early!

I arrived at my son's school 15 minutes after the bell rang and the first word that came out from my son's mouth, "mama nie lambatlah, smua org dah balik". I never like to pick up my son late, you knowlah kan especially with all this bru ha ha on what's happening to children nowadays. But, trust me, this will be the one off thing.

We all buka pose only me and the cuties as my better half ada buka pose function. And tak yah masak lak, my parents were kind enough to supply food for the buka pose.

Hari nie nak buka apa lak kan?

2 normalies:

eiseai said...

ish ish ish...i would never call u siti!

Anonymous said...

Arini nak buka apa?
ermm...buka seluar je la..