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Friday, 28 September 2007

Time flies faster and faster each day

I was having this conversation with Cik Puan Ambang, and then we noticed that we have been fasting for 16 days now. Wow! How time flies, macam sekejap je rasanyer. Being a housewife minus the desprate, we will have the same common interests. Dah beli baju raya anak ke, raya kat mana, buat kuih tak and bla bla bla. Personally, I will always try my level best to make sure Raya is meaningful to the cuties. Tak nak lah they all rasa like raya is the same as any other day. I want them to feel raya is very special and it is mandatory for families to gather and celebrate the auspicious event.

Yesterday was extremely cold. Colder than usual. So, me, Cik Puan Ambang and
Ms Money Matters gi lah jalan2 during lunch break, kononnyer nak get out from the cold office. End up terbeli gak something. Bought chains for my two lovely daughters which represent their initials. Cute huh?
Malam tu buka puasa kat our fave place for mamak kari kepala ikan. We all memang suka benor gi tempat nie. After the makan, I wanted to take photo of the shop. But, my better half ckp, boleh tak jgn, nanti they all ingat awak tu health inspector nak make report about their shop. So, akak nie kan very taat gitew pada suami tercinta, langsung mengikut kata and tak ambik gambo. Tapi as the car move, jiwa ini meronta2 and snap gak ler gambonyer....
The 2 cuties tuition so yang kecik kemetot tu boring ler kena duduk rumah, asik membebel dia tak de kawan. Kalau ada bertiga kat umah, berperang lak....
Which reminds me, I declare today as handbag day :)...Mari bershopping mencarik handbag idaman...

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