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Thursday, 25 October 2007

Moving on....

Many things happen this past few days...personal matters, work matters, sibbling rivalry and yang sewaktu dengannyer.. No matter what, life goes on..

I am trying very hard to control what I eat after Ramadhan. To the extend, I don't have the appetite to eat anything. Yesterday, had lunch with some of my adik2 and frens. Mr Neat wanted to have the nasi bojari at Madam Kwan but too bad the place was fully booked. So, we decided to go to Chakri - the kedai tom yam KLCC. I had mee hoon tom yam, tu pun tak habis...
Tak per yer dik, next time kita gi Madam Kwan yer.
That evening, received an invitation to go to a prestigious company's open house at Dewan Perdana Felda. The food was not bad but then again, I don't have the tekak to eat. Just had 3 stick of satay and the condiments with a glass of teh tarik.

This weekend is going to be a hectic weekend, banyak giler invitation for open house. Hope I am still able to control my selera and not to gain anymore weight.
Starting next week, off to the gym!

2 normalies:

eiseai said...

same here. after giving birth macam no appetite to eat. morning just roti, lunch soup. dinner...tengok lah if hubby in d mood to eat.

really need to lose some weight. hope i can maintain it this time around...unless, of course, i tiba meniba bake another bun in the oven...

Anonymous said...

abang is so happy gettting the present

he said tq to u

thanks untie, thanks a lot.