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Friday, 22 February 2008

Happy Moments

I finally uploaded and cleared the pictures in my camera. Finally, it's the weekend and I so look forward to this. But, this time around not so much about having activities, more to get the sleep that I have been missing for the past 4 days. Still, I have to wake up early tomorrow as my princess and my hero have their GERKO activities. Yup, they still use the word GERKO i.e Gerakerja Kokurikulum. So, nak tak nak, have to be early.

My better half will be working tomorrow and I have tonnes of laundry to do and banyak giler menggunung2 kain nak kena lipat. Looks like the likelihood to get some sleep tomorrow will be very slim. I have then on Sunday, but my better half wants to feel the election fever and suggested for us to drive around and see the nomination day happenings on that day. Maksudnyer, berhenti berharap...

I anticipate the week ahead will be crazy. A big event on Thursday, the biggest that I have ever been involved with. Please pray that I will do well. Nervous wreck betul.

Enjoy the photos, what I named as HAPPY MOMENTS....And have a good weekend, I will try to enjoy mine as well

note:Alhamdulilah, the event that we organised today was a great success despite the speculations and controversy...will blog about it later...

5 normalies:

RedMummy said...


pls blog bout today's event

coz i m so looking forward

question no 1

y m i been elected as an Orange captain ????

question no 2

u blog first


ita.itu said...

wah romantik gitu..jeles i..hehe..akak duk area mana kak?

Being Normal said...

k red - akan ku blog kan, tgh tggu the pics sebab smalam luper bawak kamera

ita - romantik tu masa2 tertentu jer, dah kawin bebelas tahun nie, dapat romantik jap pun alhamdulilah, akak duduk area kelana jaya

eiseai said...

suka lah rambut princess tu
really suits her and her "remaja" status... ;)

Being Normal said...

eiseai - ha ha ha, that 'remaja" remark, i still laugh when i remember that, remaja konon!