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Wednesday, 17 December 2008

I choose to be healthy

We have started to change our eating habits, we by this definition is me, my better half and the cuties. For a start, dinner will be a light one, either sandwiches, soup and last night was fruity night.

We received loads of fruits during my hero's kenduri so have started to eat them pack by pack.
I felt I am not the only one who want to be healthy. I would want to see my family healthy too. Our previous eating habits were quite scary if you were to really scrutinise and look at it very carefully.
The cuties don't seem to mind this new eating habit. In fact, they seems to enjoy this. Yelah, kalau tak hari2 makan nasi...
So, what's the menu tomorrow?

2 normalies:

me, myself, cici and titi said...

how about fruit salad?

Liza said...

fazid - good idea, will try that