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Monday, 5 January 2009

The beginning

Today is the first day of school for 2009.
My princess is in Standard 5
My hero in Standard 4
and My baby in Standard 2
Why am I nervous?
Since the school in BSP has yet to open and ntah biler nak bukak, the cuties will still be schooling in KJ. Means we will be commuting from BSP to KJ on daily basis which can be very taxing for the cuties. I don't really care how tired I will be, my concern would be of the cuties.
So, we really have to plan carefully. To save cost, I will be taking the LRT as usual from KJ instead of driving to work. Meaning, my better half will be sending the cuties to school then me to the LRT station. We have agreed on that.
Then, another task. I want to make sure I cook for the cuties on daily basis. Meaning I will wake up at 5am cook and then bring that to my mom's house for the cuties to have lunch. I will also prepare take away food for them to eat at school during recess.
Why? Because I want to. I choose to do it. Not to show I am a good mother better than other mothers but because I want to do it. As simple as that. No further explaination required.
So, good luck to all, and best of luck to me...I seriously need it!

10 normalies:

aisha said...

Akak, good luck and all the best..macam ini punyer hectic, sure akak leh kurus la.. hehehhee...

adenium said...

lovely mom... :-)

ayusolo said...

kak liza...KJ dkt area mana?...SS berapa?...:) bro's dok area tu..

Diana-k said...

wahh they are so lucky to have u as their mom..... rajin tau akak!!

andy21 said...

soalan 1 - rajin ker? haruss..

cook everyday - bawak mai kat opis skit noo..

Good mother... yes, i know u r... mak kan... hahahahahha...
harus.... :-)

atty's said...

itu le.liza..kty pun bdk2 naik sklh bgn nak mask..bagai..

vagg. said...

arwah mak dulu salu bangun kul 4.30-5.00 semata2 nk siapkan breakfast utk kami 3 beradik
memang sarapan bawak bekal segala.. makan air tangan mak
ayah pun

sgt happy baca akak cite nih hah
memang bila besar nanti..
anak2 akan menghargai sgt2 benda nih kak!

nae said...

I'm sure you'll just breeze through it. You're the sort of person who could say 'when there is a will, there is a way' and nobody could argue it. Have fun!

atty's said...

hi..liza..camtu le kalo dah jd mak nie kan.

lil^RED799 said...

u can do it kakak!!!!