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Saturday, 10 January 2009

While the cuties are @ school - Final Prelude

The second day for the cuties...and they are ok already. We just need to send them and then pick them up later. Meaning more dating time!
This time, we went to The Curve. Not looking for anything particular. Actually, not even planning to so any shopping. Just wanted to spend time together. Enjoying each other company before we started working again and have very limited time together.
We went to this food alley @ Ikano. I wanted to have the tau fufah there. It's very nice and not too sweet. Ate this there before, and remembered how nice it tasted...So, wanted to have one again.

Then, we walked around again in The Curve. This time around my better half wanted to stop by this Kopitiam there to have the kaya bun with the kopi o. I was still full, so just had the kopi o minues the bun.

We really need to do this more often. Previously, we would usually take a day off once every quater just to be together without the cuties. However, we missed our last session.

New Year, New Start...We have pledged to adhere to the dating on quarterly basis arrangement. I have even marked the dates in my calendar. If we can make time for other things, takkan cannot do that for each other...Betul tak sayang...

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ayusolo said...

sedapnyer taufufah tu...ishhh...kita kalo nak beli selalu dkt pasar malam...hehehe...