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Sunday, 31 May 2009

When the light went out!

Before we enter the stories and happenings during the cuties birthday party, I just need to clear the overdues entries first, as you know, I don't want to miss anything at all in my life.
While my better half had his bowling tournament, we experienced black out at our home. Tu lah, my better half ajak pegi skali gatal tak nak ikut, nak rilek kat rumah konon.

The cuties were so scared, they just hate to be in the dark. And the climate in the house was getting hotter. I was scared too, but being in front of the cuties, I just have to be on my brave front and told them not to worry cause Mama is here, but dalam hati nie, dag dug dag dug...
I called TNB immediately to report the black out. And I was told, most of my neighbours did the same as well.
We stayed in the house for about 45 minutes when my baby started to feel so uneasy cause she felt very hot. I then told them, let's stay in the car where we can put on the air conditioner and wait for either the electricity to return to normal or my better half arrived home, whichever comes first. She slept not even 5 minutes after we enter the car. Kesian betul tgk.
About 2 hours after the "takde karen" situation, my better half arrived home. And 15 minutes later, only the supply went back to normal. Alhamdulilah. Otherwise, we will be @ KJ for that nite, yelah, panas2 mcm mana nak tidur kan?

2 normalies:

atty's said...

lor..lmbt lak..tnb dtg ye liza..kalo fir..pun taklh tido..pnas..

thanks,,liza..for all..delicious food..

Liza said...

atty - lambat gak, sempat ler bepeluh sakan