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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Sepetang @ Alamanda lagik

Ever since we moved to BSP, whenever we want to go for window shopping, we will surely choose Alamanda as the main destination. Alamanda is about 20 minutes drive from our home and we don't have to pay any toll to go there.

Alamanda is a typical shopping mall, minus the hype. It reminds us of Subang Parade, both are suitable for families, not like the other type of shopping mall which I categories as teenagers shopping mall.

For this visit, we have a mission ; to look for more items for the party. Earlier that day, after breakfast, we have ordered the groceries for the ingredients to cook. We also ordered the cakes and purchase other stuff. So, Alamanda was the next stop.

We had our lunch there ; I don't know what to eat at the food court and had mixed rice instead.

The cuties also visited the playland. I love it there, cause it's indoor and they have allocated an area for the parents to sit.

Looks like we will be at Alamanda more often!

2 normalies:

atty's said...

fir pun suka g main kt tmpt tuh..

Liza said...

atty - ye ker, camne ler kita boleh tak teserempak kan