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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Al-Ikhsan Sports Centre

We have been frequenting Al-Ikhsan for our sporting gears for quite sometime. Not only the price are lower than normal stores, the service provided is very high standard. Whenever we need to get new sports shoes and other attire, we will sure drop by Al-Ikhsan.
When we move to BSP, we make sure to find the nearest store around our area and Alhamdulilah, there is one at BBB. The store was closed for renovation for a week and when it re-opened, they have renamed it to the Al-Ikhsan Factory Store. The first day of the event they had this sale and things were priced at a very low cost!
We got ourselves some t-shirts(jersey like) as we just bought shoes earlier this month. We were looking for sports shoes for the cuties and too bad the sizes are very limited.
The price range of the t-shirts we bought was from RM19 to RM25. Cheap huh!
Since now it's called factory store we assumed the prices should be cheaper than other Al-Ikhsan store. So, to those sports fans in need for new sports gear, head on to Al-Ikhsan Factory Store @ Bandar Baru Bangi!

6 normalies:

adenium said...

dah lama tak g al-ikhsan... memang murah.... i laike ADIDAS..heheh

atty's said...

selalu gak singgah sini beli brg adik..

*ayu* said...

drop dead cheap!!!!
good buy kak liza!!

Gina said...

My husband punya fav mana-mana pun ada cawangan Al-Ikhsan nie sanggup pegi

Mulan said...

yeap.. Al Ikhsan always offers the good deal..

Liza said...

Sid-i like too!

Atty- mana tau satu hari kita teserempak kan?

Ayu-if I bought more, my better half lak drop

Gina-if I need sporting gear, mmg sini ler hala tujuku

Mulan-mmg the best deal encountered so far!