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Monday, 15 June 2009

Company's Open Day - Half Day @ Mercu

After we reached the KSO office, we had to walk over to the next building and cross the road. There were polis bantuan there to help us cross to the other side safely. The cuties were getting very excited, they don't usually get the chance to take a bus to anywhere. That is why, we decided to go to KLCC first so that they can experience the bus ride. Though it's such a short distance, it meant alot to the cuties.

Once we reached our destination, we were taken to level 26 for our breakfast. They were serving fried rice and some sandwiches with kuih. I think the cuties were not really into eating, they just want to know what's the activities in line this morning.
When they saw kids at the next table started to get pieces of papers for them to colour, they started to feel uneasy and impatient. I told them, they will only get theirs once they finish their food. That definitely help them to finish their food.

They were into colouring mode once they get the paper. I told them I have to leave for awhile to get some work done and for them to call me once they are done.

There was a talk from Tan Sri Dr Jemilah, the leader of Mercy Malaysia on Palestine. As much as I want the cuties to pay attention, I guess I couldn't blame them to feel a little bit bored. Then, they became awake again when they heard of the prize giving ceremony. They did not win anything though, but I don't think that bother them that much.

Last session, group photo!!!

Next up, back to KLCC. More fun stuff to discover!!

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