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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Durian Season Is Here Again!!

I think by now, most of you normalies out there already had a durian feast unless you are really not into durian. I guess, our family can be considered as one of the very last family who finally got the chance to eat durian.
My baby wanted durian for the past 2 weeks. Given the hot weather, we felt it may not be suitable and we are also afraid the heat may cause the cuties to fall sick. But, after hearing her asking for this like every day, we gave in and last Sunday we purchased some.
My whole family love durian. I do too but off late, I can't really have much of durian. I can eat the most 5 pieces and then surrender. But the cuties and my better half, it felt like they are having this competition where by who eat the most durian wins! They won't stop till the last drop.
One thing about durian ; I will only eat the durian fruit. Once you improvise into bubur or whatever other dishes, I don't really eat this. But, the rest of my family, asal durian, harus semua dibedal!
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3 normalies:

FazidElias said...

oh no...not another durian entry...arrrghhhh tension

adenium said...

wooo best nya durian.... tapi i oantang bawakmasuk umah durian nih..heheheh... bau nya yang tinggaltuh tak tahan...tapi makan best..hheh

Liza said...

Fazid-sorry fren, you'll be seeing this in most of the blogs ;)

Sid-bau tu nak cepat hilangkan ada petuanyer, nanti will share with you