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Saturday, 13 June 2009

Jalan2 @ Ikea

After all the warehouse sales that we went on Thursday, we thought to have a finale of the day by having a stroll at Ikea. We have not been at this place for quite sometime. The cuties, as usual, would want to be left at the playland while we do our strolling.

I have a new project which I plan to do at home. I plan to have my own mini office which allows me to work from home as well as to do my blogging comfortably.

I got this new red chair with wheels price at RM45. I purchased a desk earlier which will arrive this weekend. So, that should complete the office.

We also bought another kitchen stool , now have 3 so that the cuties have one each. Tak payah nak dengar they all fight while having breakfast in the morning.

What's a trip to Ikea if we don't purchase the photo frames. We need another 6 to complete the deco on the wall. And my better half got this thing for our bedroom lampshade.

I wanted to buy more until my better half made me realised there is no room in the car to fit more stuff. Yelah tu bang, if there's a will there's a way kan?

There goes our shopping day......Looking forward to another great one in future and hope the future is not that far away!

2 normalies:

ijad said...

citer apa tu...

adenium said...

i went there arituh just for a piece of daim cake..heheheh