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Sunday, 14 June 2009

Company's Open Day - Spending the whole day with the cuties

I was not sure at first whether I should participate in this event. My better half couldn't get the day off that day and I don't think I can manage the whole day out with the cuties all by myself. Those who think having a day out with school going kids are much easier than having much younger kids, you will know how wrong you are when your kids reach the school going age. It will not only be physically challenge, mentally as well.

The cuties have to wake up early if we want my better half to drop us off. As predicted, it was not a problem to wake the cuties up since they know they will be doing something fun. Very much contradicts if I were to wake them up to go to school.
We reached office around 7.10am and waited for the bus to bring us to the other office in Plaza Sentral. The bus was supposed to leave at 7.30am and again as predicted many people just choose not to respect people's time and decide to arrive fashonably late causing us those who are punctual to be penalised again!! Dah ler lapo!!

We took this opportunity to take photos around the KLCC lobby. Been working here for the past 4 years but never really spend that much time at the lobby.
The bus finally left few minutes before 8am...
Lots of activities planned by the organiser. Activities which excite the kids and leaving the adults so tired...

What's the activitiy?? Tunggu!!!!

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