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Sunday, 21 June 2009

Live Blogging

I have always wanted to experience live blogging. Live blogging by definition being in one location where you can blog about what you are currently doing now, not via berry but live blogging with photos attached.

I am now blogging live from a Mcd. No need to know which Mcd ler but one of the Mcd branch. Too bad, this place has no Wifi so have use berry as modem. Quite surprising this particular branch has no Wifi, I always thought it's given all Mcd should have Wifi facilities.

The cuties enjoying their food at the next table.

My better half surfing using berry.
And me, blogging, whatelse!
Such a good way to enjoy our Sunday especially a Father's Day Sunday.

Happy Father's Day Sayang, from the cuties and their Mama. We love you so much and you have been a great father!!!

p/s : More reason why I love my HP Mini cause I can blog from any where now. COOL!!!!

4 normalies:

adenium said...

emmm itu lah best nya ada netbook nih kan.... i'm reading your blog dlam bas ni.... heheh

atty's said...

sonok .leh blogging kt mana2..atty tau kt mana mcd nie.

Nurhayati said...

bestnyer leh blogging selalu.. ni yang rasa nak beli netbook skang. hihi

Liza said...

sid - memang best kan, sunggu teruja!

atty - biarlah lokasi itu menjadi rahsia

yati - good buy, better get one