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Monday, 22 June 2009

Supper with the cuties

We don't usually encourage the cuties to stay up late even on weekends. We felt it's crucial for them to get the sufficient hours of sleep and if they are being deprive from their sleep, perhaps the outcome may not be pleasant.
However, last 2 weeks, we made an acception. On Saturday, we brought them out on Saturday, actually with an intention to give them pep-talk before the school starts.
We brought them to this mamak shop @ BBB. Actually, apart from the mamak stall @ BSP, this is the only mamak outlet that we know off here in BBB.
I shared nan with chicken tandoori with my better half. He wanted to order this and would only proceed if I share this with him. I said yes so that he can eat this. Akak ada ler makan 2-3 suap
The cuties listened attentively. Papa giving pep-talk how they should discipline themselves once the school opens.
Our wish, it will be a smooth ride for them since it will be a new environment, new school, new schedule and new friends. Though many people told me they will be fine, but being a mother, worried would like the most frequented word used.

3 normalies:

*ayu* said...

kak.. nak join dia yang lain.. bagi genap 40 and makbul, insyaAllah..
which is.. they'll be fine..
InsyaAllah.. :)

u take care kak..

atty's said...

owh ni liza g hassan cafe sek 8..
len kali liza terai sek 15 Amerrali
suka tosai dia sedap..ngn air milo dia harga pun berpatutan

Liza said...

ayu-thanks sis! *hugging u back*

atty-nak kena try nie, boring gak asik pegi tempat sama