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Friday, 12 June 2009

Our shopping outing

We took the day off yesterday. Apart from settling the cuties school matters which was quite frustrating and causing my shopping hormone to shoot up(how convenient to blame shopping habit due to hormone), we did(actually I did) a checklist on the places we need to go that day.
One of the place was The Curve. Ever since we moved to BSP, we don't get to come here as often as we did when we were at KJ. Next to The Curve is Cineleisure which not only have cinemas in there but it's a shopping mall on it's own. Here, we experienced a street dance show featuring dancers and deejays, some are not Malaysian. The finale of the show was showing the foreigners to do joget steps. They look funny but good effort though.

There was this Barbie show going on at the Concourse Level of The Curve. They were selling all the Barbie's merchandise and even had this Barbie Look A Like competition. My hero refused to take photo with this Barbie shoe cause he said that is so girlish so opted for his photo to be taken with the giant lolipop instead.

We spent nearly 5 hours in this area(i.e. The Curve, Cineleisure and IKEA) What did we do during this 5 hours??!! Another warehouse sale was successfully explored and one food review coming your way!!

Look out for the next entry!!!

2 normalies:

atty's said...

last pegi sana ..bulan 3 aritu tgk citer fast & furios with nuffnang..

Liza said...

atty-liza pun dah lama tak gi, dah jauh kan