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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Sticky Mode - 2nd Year Anniversary Contest

I just realised in less than 2 weeks time, this blog of mine will turn 2.
Yup, 2 years old.
If this were to be compared to an infant, I will probably walking but not as fast as I want to be. I would be eager to run, but will constantly be reminded by those who are around me not to be too fast and take it one step at a time.
Well, I do want to be a successful blogger, I can't lie. And I know I am working hard to be one. This is one step for me to reach my dream, to be a full time mother, to work from home and focus on my family.
So, for those who have been supportive, thanks so much.
And with that, for those who are interested, I am inviting you to enter this contest to mark the 2nd year anniversary of this blog.
Simple, just leave a comment on 10 things you learn about me, my life and other relevant points. The best 2 will win prizes. This contest will end on the 25 June 2009, 8pm and the announcement of the winner will be made on the anniversary day, 26 June 2009 10am.
And again, thanks for the support. This will not happen without you readers out there.

13 normalies:

atty's said...

selamat ulangtahun ke 2 utk blog liza..

apa yang atty tau tentang liza..
liza adalah seorg ibu dan isteri yang penyayang terhadap keluarganya..mempunyai 3 org cahayamata dan bercita2 satu hari nanti dapat membuat bisnis sendiri iaitu catering..dan atty doakan liza berjaya satu ari nanti..amin.

Mamamarina said...

What I learned is we are totally responsible on our own path chose in life.. and thats kept me align during my unconcious time heh .

adenium said...

heppi anniversary.....
yeah..sure will do... later... heheh

FazidElias said...

what is the prize?...wakakkaka... insyaAllah will try and come up with 10 facts about you ya

Gina said...

Happy 2nd Anniversary..teruskan menulis yer cik Liza and thanks for the beautiful freindship

iNa said...

1. u got married at a very young age
2. u work in the same buliding as Red Mummy
3. ur parents are in Kelana Kaya
4. u are married to a person hails from Batu Pahat
5. u have 3 adorable children.
6. u live in bandar seri putra, bangi.
7. u are a good cook and ur children & hubby love ur home cooking so much.
8. u are a very loving, responsible mother.
9. u are the kind of person who will work hard for what u aim for and u don't give up easily.
10. u are a very romantic and loving wifey :-)

watie said...

selamat ulang tahun ke 2 tuk blog liza.. semoga terus berblogging :)

contest hihihi nak kena study lagi nie kikiki

*ayu* said...

ok nak join.. 10 things eh.. will comment this later.. yay!

atty's said...

nanti lom senaraikan lagi nieh..

Liza said...

To all, don't forget to respond most creatively, hadiah lumayan menanti anda...

vagg. said...

will join, insyaALLAH :)

atty's said...

ok..apa yg atty.tau ttg liza

1-seorang ibu kepada 3 org anak.
2-kasih sayangnya terhadap anak2 dan suami menyerlah..suka tgk.
3-prihatin & ambil berat terhadap anak2,pelajaran dan perasaaan anak2nya
4-seorang ibu sejati,
dia suka dan sentiasa memberi nasihat kepada anaknya.
5-seorang isteri dan ibu yang penyabar
6- Lembut tapi tegas
Wataknya 'adjustable' .
Di mana perlu berlembut, dia akan berlembut.
Di mana perlu tegas dan tidak boleh beri muka, dia akan tunjukkan ketegasan.
7-rajin memasak.
8-bercita-cita utk membuka bisnes sendiri..iaitu catering
9-suka travelling
10-seorang ibu yang senantiasa memberi semangat kepada anak2nya dlm mengejar cita2 mereka.

vagg. said...

1. You are a wife and a mother of three cuties, mira, ilham, aliya.

2. Both you and hubby had faced lots of obstacles in your marriage, as early as the first step of tying the knot. With lots of patience and toleration, both of you survived very well. Plus, you both are meant to be together. Gaining an acceptance from your beloved parties seemed quite hard at first, but at the end, everything turned to be ‘recovered’ and you had gained lots of experience from that, which made you became so strong and it develops until now.

3. You worked hard when it came to your family financial kinda thing. You managed to sell ‘nasi lemak’, karipap etc at work, though you were an executive that time, for some side income, to assist your hubby as well as for the cuties (especially.)

4. You are good at cooking and you love it very much. You would be extremely touched if the cuties ask you to cook, instead of eating outside.

5. You have a husband who is so supportive and accepts you regardless of how ‘critical’ your perspective towards your physical 'development', which you manage to claim as ‘makin gemuk makin gemuk.’ He doesn’t care about it at all and will love the way you are. The fact is.. you still look gorgeous ok! Babap kang!

6. You love reading.. and would read wherever you are.. in LRT also will do.

7. You love improving yourself to the better one in life, in your career and possess extra determination and motivation. Though sometimes certain things did irritate you, but you managed to move and step further. Wish to work in oversea in future, huh? May the dream come true.

8. You hate people, who love giving assumptions, since they are not the one who faced the flow of your life. They are not the one who dealt with the impediment and hindrance, so they don’t deserve to gain the rights to criticize much bout you, unless they know the real thing you faced beforehand. (am I describing myself as well in here? hating people of giving to much assumptions? Hahaha)

9. Meeting you in person beforehand made me feel so pleased to say that you were/are so friendly and both you and your hubby treated others so perfectly. Emmm you also have the ability of talking non-stop – continuously.

10. You are a typical mother, who will tend to think hard about your kids, would always be worry about everything related to them.. though you might say to yourself, there’s nothing to be worried.. but still.. you keep on thinking bout it harder and harder. Well, that’s called the real mother. 

- at last, i keep my promise to participate!-