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Saturday, 20 June 2009

Weekend.....a working one.....

It was another hectic week and this has yet to end.
I usually look forward to the weekend but not this weekend. After my meeting yesterday, I have more things in my checklist than the one on Monday.
Tired is an understatement, fatigue is just a word and napping is something I really need. I know it's gonna be a hectic weekend so I slept early last night to make sure I get the much needed rest.
And now, after doing laundry, preparing breakfast and cleaning the house, I am in front of my lappy(HP Mini to be exact) to do work while watching the cuties preparing Father's Day cards for my better half.
Weekend comes and go, house chores and work stays forever...
Have a good weekend everyone!!!

2 normalies:

adenium said...

selamat bekerja... :-(

Liza said...

sid - lalalala hari2 kerja!!