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Friday, 19 June 2009

Simple Breakfast

Since early last week, my hero has been asking me to cook Nasi Lemak for breakfast.But, I have to be early for work so did not get the chance to cook this for him. I offered to buy him the one selling by the road side, he said, he wanted the one cook by me. How sweet.......
So, last Sunday, I cooked this for him. He wanted the simple Nasi Lemak, nothing fancy. With sambal sotong and fried chicken, specifically as per his request.
Of course, my better half wanted my signature drink, nescafe tarik!
I felt that it's easier to cook breakfast rather than eat out. Like always, we will have this problem where to eat and sometimes when we try new places, we'll get very dissapointed.
So, this Sunday nak masak apa ler pulak!?

6 normalies:

Nurhayati said...

simple breakfast yang menyelerakan.. ;)

adenium said...

tak tahan lah tgk kalau kak liza masak.... not fancy katanya... siap sabal soting tuh..hahaha

atty's said...

lama tak minum teh tarik..

atty's said...

lama tak minum nescaffe sedap.nanti nak gi ajak along ar pekena nescaffe tarik..

sedapnya liza masak ..

kak_adz said...

this sunday akak suggest liza try to cook nasi goreng ala2 kg. ingredients..ikan kembung goreng yg ditumbuk dgn bwg merah, putih, cili api sikit, sayur mcm kangkung or kacang kelisa.. it's just a suggestion.. don't know whether your cuties will like it or not.

Liza said...

Yati - I try my best for the family, kdg2 masak ada gak yg tak jadik

sid - kira simple lah nie

atty - nescafe tarik kalau masa sejuk2 lagik best!

kak_adz-thanks for the tips, kena try nie esok