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Friday, 31 July 2009

All they need is just a day out with their Papa and Mama

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Moving one......
I am so lucky the cuties don't really expect much from us. They don't really throw tantrums asking for toys or stuff, so far they are just happy with what we bought for them. Of course, being normal kids, they do ask for stuff, but if we feel it's not suitable to get this for them, they will be acceptive of our explanations. I think, the tip is to say NO with reasons, not bluntly say NO and no reason given.
Last weekend, we don't really know where to take the cuties. We don't really want to go to shopping complexes and the playground near our house is just boring. So, we thought to try the playground located at BBB.
The place is quite huge and there are alot of things to be explored here. We noticed some brought bicycle while others were playing badminton. Cool!
They even have this wall climbing facilities. Here my better half was giving some tips and push to my hero.
But, this signboard captured my attention, ade ke orang bercucuk tanam kat sini....
With this, I am now wondering where do I want to bring the cuties this weekend...Hmmm....Any idea???

3 normalies:

*ayu* said...


the best bonding activities!!


atty's said...

atty pun selalu ade sini lagi pagi ahad...

Liza said...

ayu - u are so right sis!

atty - pepagi slalu aktiviti lain ler atty