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Friday, 31 July 2009

Mama, Selangor won the League Cup!

I had a good lunch today, with my fellow blogger friends, one of them just came back from study abroad, hence a good lunch indeed. Will tell you all about it later. For now, I just want to update my blog since K Red siap zass kan diriku ini dgn statement "Bila ko nak tutup blog ko?". So, dengan mata yg terkulat2 ngantuk, ku gagahkan jugak menghapdet ini blog.

One event that I have been meaning to blog about was the nite last Saturday where we went to watch a football match between Selangor and Pahang. Me, being a football freak, was so looking forward to this considering I have not got the chance to watch football match at home let alone watching it live from a stadium. My dad managed to secure 3 VIP passes for us and off we go to the game.

My hero shared the same excitement as I am while my better half just go with the flow. He is not into football, remember? My 2 girls just love the thought they got to get out of home.

The match was oklah, what can you expect from Malaysian football, they are just not there yet and honestly, not sure when they will ever be there. Amri Yahya, the guy who scored 2 goal against an EPL team whose name shall not be mentioned, scored more goals to add to his long list of achievement. Cayalah!

Selangor won 5-1 though the results don't really made any difference to the fact Selangor is this season champion

The cuties got some part of the action. They got their pictures taken with few players and most importantly, their pictures with the winning cup.

The nite did not end just yet, we then went for supper at Jalan 222 PJ for the awesome Nasi Lemak Panas before headed back to BSP. Though it was a tiring nite, but the excitement was really something I wouldn't miss. Looking forward for the opening season of EPL and to watch more Selangor live matches! Abah, nak tiket VIP lagik!

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