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Thursday, 13 August 2009

Another wedding to attend

Last weekend was definitely a tiring weekend. It's been quite sometime my weekends are filled with fun activities. Usually, it's either I have to work or just stay at home while makan tidur makan tidur.
On Sunday, we went to this wedding in Gombak Setia. I was asking Minah nie for direction to the place, and can you imagine she replied "Gombak Setia tu kat Gombak ler kak, duh!". Ada ka patut. Amboi ko dik, tekena akak.
Anyway, this was the wedding of my better half's nephew. The theme was white and purple. That can be reflected with the dining table, pelamin and the hantaran.

What make the wedding unique was both the bride and groom are neighbours. So, they just did one reception. The makan place was divided into 2 ; one for the groom side(that's our side) and the other the bride's side.
We had to leave early, expecting someone to come to our house. Tak sempat nak menatap wajah pengantin.
And something I wish to share about an incident during the wedding. Tapi, nantilah. Tunggu next entry ya!

p/s : baru perasan, takde ambik gambo org pun, smua gambo the wedding stuff. Camne lah boleh jadik camni

2 normalies:

adenium said...

mentang2 lah minah tuh pernah dok belajar kat gombak kan kak liza....hehehe

*ayu* said...

haaaa.. jumpa pun GOMBAK kaaaannn?


*sambil tingat muka kak liza*