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Friday, 7 August 2009

Hari Keusahawanan - SK Sri Kelana

Ever since the cuties change to the new school, they have not get the chance to visit their old school. I know they really missed their friends and wanted us to take them there. So, when they got the invitation to attend Hari Keusahawanan at their old school, they were practically begging us to take them there.

Hari Keusahawanan is similar to Hari Kantin back during my schooling days which was not very long ago (forever in denial that I am old). However, I felt their Hari Keusahawanan is much more happening than my Hari Kantin.
Here some of activities :
Golf for the fathers (and mothers at times)
Colouring contest for the kids
Haunted house for those with courage, and that is definitely not me!!!
And the best thing is NTV7 was also there. They did this casting for potential news readers. Not sure ler casting betul2 or just main2.
Kids nowadays are so advance that it's difficult to please them and get their interest.
At the end of the day, the cuties were happy and that is simply priceless to me.......

2 normalies:

adenium said...

mesti cuties sronok nih.. dapat jumpa kengkawan lama dorang....

Liza said...

sid - mmg diaorg happy tak terkira sampai tak hingat nak balik