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Saturday, 8 August 2009

Chicken Rice Shop - Family Lunch

Since we are already in Kelana Jaya for the cuties fun time, we thought it will be a good idea to take my parents out for lunch. I was cracking my head thinking where should I take my dad. Susah nak carik tempat to bring orang yg pandai masak nie. Letih!
So, we ended up chosing the Chicken Rice Shop in Giant Mall(kalau org KJ, they will say Giant Besar or Giant Baru). Good choice I guess considering the weather outside was hot and to be in an air conditioned place is priceless.
We ordered the family set for 6-8 people. But, looked like for 10 people at least to me. The dishes is so much with wide variety. The one on the table was just quarter of it. Tak sempat nak ambik gambo the full dish, lapo sangat.
My parents were very happy to have this lunch session with the cuties. I know they misses the cuties so much especially after the cuties are not their care anymore. Yelah, dulu hari2 jumper, now once a week jer.......

3 normalies:

*ayu* said...

its always a blessed when we see our parents happy kan kak?

c u sat g!

Nurhayati said...

sedappnyeerrr chicken rice shop.. lama tak makan kat sana.. kalau makan kan suka sangat ngan paitee dia.. sedaapppp

Liza said...

ayu - bila mak bapak happy, kita pun happy

yati - kita pun suka paitee tu