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Monday, 17 August 2009

Naza Bestari 206 vs MyVi vs Hyundai Getz

Sorry guys, I am in berangan mode. Have been thinking to get a new car and these are the choices I have in mind at the moment

Naza 206 Bestari. Love the look of this car, really sporty and cool. Best kan

MyVi. I always admire the cars produced by Perodua. I think they are very innovative and knows the market. And MyVi is one of their best invention.

Hyundai Getz. A car which I love since 2004. Very compact and suitable for city us.

What do you think. If I have the money, which one I should go for....Help me decide and then we can have a car warming session huh?

2 normalies:

FazidElias said...

go for nissan compact car... like latio :D... tapi kalau dari tiga option nie, myvi and getz la for me...

nae said...

Definitely MyVi!