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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

What a great breakfast

Last Sunday, again, we had breakfast in our garden. We thought that was a good idea considering it rained the night before and that gave us the assurance the air will be cleaner in the morning.
The difference from the last session was this time around to tapau food. The kitchen was open early that morning and I cooke fried meehoon, with sambal tumis ikan bilis and fried eggs. Of course, how can we leave the Nescafe Tarik from the menu.
The cuties enjoyed the breakfast, they finished the whole bowl of the mee hoon.
While baby, still a bit feverish and had to take the medication after the meal.
I was doing some self reflection over the weekend and thinking about the direction of my life. That's when questions like what do I really want in life pop up.....Time to re-allign and re-adjust the aspiration and be priority will and should always be my family, the cuties, as they are my investments for the life after death.......

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