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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Iftar Menu - Let's Go Western

This entry was long over due as this was the Iftar menu we had during the first few days of Iftar. I don't think I have to remind you the cuties came up with the menu kan.
That night was declared as the western food nite. We had many dishes ala western which were all home cooked and prepared by us, the family of 5.
Here we have fried chicken with potato salad
Burger - grilled not fried
Garlic bread - home baked
Grilled lamb - self marinated
A helicopter view of the dishes....ok lah, I have to confess, the mushroom soup came out of a can. Manalah sempat nak masak mushroom soup from scratch kan....we also made cekodok kurma and some sambal since my hero won't have appetite to eat if there's not sambal like dish.
So, to all, Selamat Berbuka Pose!!!!

2 normalies:

vagg. said...

bukak pose yg best adalah yg hasi; dr tangan sendiri kan kak?? lgpun the cuties love your cooking kan.. bila org mkn apa yg kita masak.. sgtle puas ati!

adenium said...

tetiba terliur tengok itu ayam goreng.... bulan puasa nih kan..macam2 betullah...