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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Spiderman Alain Robert climbed the building where I work!!!!

I am sure you have read about it already. It's all over the news all around the world and I have no clue when this happened.
Yes, I work in that building and no, I didn't hear any commotion. I was in the office very early around 7am and did not realise someone was climbing the building. I was either in total ignorance of my surroundings or was so caught up with work. What puzzled me, didn't it rained yesterday...hmmmm....

And another ignorance on my part, I didn't know KLCC have that round thing on top. I only knew after I saw the pics circulating all over the news. And back in 2007, during his other attempt which he was arrested at 60th floor, I saw with my own eyes he was right in front of the window where I work and was waving at us. All he had with him was the Malaysian flag and a mobile phone with his hands covered with white powder.

My better half was asking why don't the authorities just allow him to climb the building. My answer was simple, kalau dia jatuh and causes the place to be haunted, saper nak tanggungjawab...betul tak!

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