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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

lizanorm....alive and kicking

I received quite a number of "sarcasm" from my blogger friends as well as readers. This was mainly due to my long silence in this blogsphere.
Let me share you some...
"Ko dah lupe password ko ke?"
"Sibuk sangat ke keje?"
"Tak bayo internet internet fees ke sampai line ke potong"
"Raya tak habis lagik ke?"
The latest one...
"Sticky mode ke?"
Sorry lah all, life as usual has been very hectic. Not that I don't have things to share, in fact alot to the extend I don't know where to begin. Hence, I have decided to manage my time better as per the following new schedule
4.30am - wake up to cook for lunch, get ready to work and make sure the cuties are ready for school
6.30am - go to work
6.30pm - reach home
6.45pm - cook dinner and prepare for tomorrow's items like my better half's clothing and all
7.30pm - solat jemaah maghrib and dinner
8.30pm - check the cuties homework, do laundry and clothes folding
9.30pm - blogging
11.00am - off to bed
If I can commit to this routine, I am pretty sure I will not be getting such friendly remarks again kan?
So, wish me luck ya! Cause I seriously need it!

4 normalies:

vagg. said...

good luck kak liza.
what a hectic life as a mom kan

Nurhayati said...

ala kita mana leh fulfill cakap orang.. ada je menda nak kondem.. yg penting kita tau ape kita buat..

idup dia tak best la tu, sbb sibuk nak tau hal orang. sangat menyedihkan. ;)

adenium said...

emmmm sapa lah komen yang last tuh erk...hehehe

Queen of Red said...


sib baik ingat balik password!