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Friday, 18 September 2009

Buka Puasa @ Seri Melayu

Another long overdue entry, this time was a session where we had buka puasa @ Seri Melayu. The girls and I considered this as a girls night out after a long day at work.

We choose Seri Melayu because...

We voted(actually Maryam forced us to vote and she lobbied for Seri Melayu as well) and Seri Melayu was the chosen venue.
We arrived earlier and managed to go to Pavillion for some shopping action. Maryam got herself a pair of shoes while Salwa got 2! Sungguh sakan!

The food there was great. A lot of varieties and they were doing this stalls concept. Mostly are typical Malay food with combination of some western delicacies however, the taste was excellent!

What I had :

The western food - grilled lamb and chicken with salad

Sate - this is a must!

Some nasi kuning, this was served in a lamb's stomach, very unique, this was accompanied by some lauk. And of course the sup tulang rawan, you must try this if you get the chance.

That nite was also the nite Nadia shared with us her getting engaged experience which was so sweet!!! While the ladies listened attentively and shared their happiness.

What's special here is while having our iftar, we were entertained by cultural shows performed by the dancers.
We could have eaten more, if only we did not laugh so much!

Girls night out, best!!!!

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atty's said...

selamat hari raya liza..

adenium said...

kak liza... sticky mode ke..hehehe...jgn marah...