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Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Cravings for McD

I have been having this cravings for the past few weeks, a McD cheese burger. Yes, you can get cravings without terkena buatan orang in case some people are wondering. Anyway, considering that my princess takleh langsung tak jumper nasi, akak nie kenalah gi lagi beli lauk tunjuk.My better half was not around during the buka pose as he has another company function that he needs to attend. So, beli lauk skit jelah just for the cuties. I did not eat that much since I still need the cheese burger to satisfy my taste bud.So, after solat maghrib, sempat ler melipat kain yang dah long over due while we waited for my better half to come home and once he arrived, off we were to McD. Cheese burger never tasted better. Wow, I am in heaven!!!! After the delicious meals, we went to Shah Alam to pick up my sista. Malam nie plan nak get the baju raya for the cuties. Actually, tak payah pun takpe cause it has been a tradition that the cuties will get one pair from atok and wan and another pasang from atok and nenek. But, we feel it is still our obligations to buy them another pair. Lagipun, baju kurung and baju melayu usually beli memang once a year unless someone in the family is getting married. So, with my sista around, there will be someone to baby sit as I am not keen to bring the cuties to crowded places and since this week is exam week, I don't them to go to bed late.
Today will be another busy day and have meetings all day. But the good thing is, the project that I have been working on has ended successfully surpassing the target!!!
Maybe it's gonna be a good day today after all :)

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eiseai said...

i also had cravings for mcd. went to buy 2 sets mcd breakfast this morning...puas :)