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Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Baju Batik

I have been busy doing the preparation for a big project that will be held in Kelantan on Thurday. Have been going back late everyday for the past one week. So, when my project leader told me that the dress code was baju batik(baju kurung), I totally freak out. Mana2 aku nak carik baju batik and when I got the news it's nearly 7. We are leaving already, Wednesday's afternoon flight...How ohhh how?
I quickly called my talian hayat..
Me : Bang, can you come and pick me up now, need to get a batik baju kurung. And NO! I don't want to wear my mom's baju kurung. I will look like someone wearing baju pinjam or worse wrapping curtain all over me!
Bang : Ok, will call you when I am about to arrive.
Do you know this is a major crisis?? When you buy new baju kurung, you need to match it with new shoes, handbags, tudung and bla bla bla...Mana sempat nie...
We went to our usual baju kurung hunting ground, Subang Parade. Can you imagine, all the booth that used to sell baju kurung no longer exist. We just came here on Sunday and dah tak de dah...dugaan betul!!
We then headed to Alam Sentral Shah Alam, praying that jangan ler kedai tutup. Alhamdulilah, we made it on time.
So, this is the result.

I have very limited stock of baju kurung, mostly bought like setahun sekali for raya, and if someone close to me getting married, that's it. So, my better half was happy that I got another pair. He knows that I am not "the baju kurung" type. Come to think of it, patut ler my mom in law gave me one pair for my birthday ;)

On another note, maybe some people nak muntah and think I am so mengada2...But this is the first time I am not spending the nites with my family. The only time I did not come back home were when I delivered the cuties. Also, when I was admitted in the hospital. For work related cases, usually, if I have to be away, either I make sure I take the earliest flight out and then come back on the same day. Or, take the whole family with me. But this time, not possible since the cuties are schooling and worse, exam this Friday...

Can I sleep well tonite?? :(

3 normalies:

eiseai said...

i remember going to cameron for dept retreat. first time i was away from amir (time tu preggy with asyraf) i cried the whole night...

ita.itu said...

lawa bajukak..suka ngk

Being Normal said...

eiseai - finally someone that understand, i malu nak luahkan rasa nanti ckp nie manja mengada

ita - baju tu conceptnyer desperado