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Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Adik dah balik kampung

Do you remember adik?
She has completed her studies and has gone back to kampung for good. My in-laws were here last Saturday to pick her up with all of her belongings.
Adik used to live with her collegemate at Shah Alam and the cuties love to climb adelah this tebing...they will surely miss that...
We also had this farewell lunch at Kg Pandan Fish Head Curry.
Actually, sedih adik not here anymore. She has been very helpful and a good sister.
She has yet to decide on what to do next so .....let see what will be her choices .....And pray that she will make the right one

3 normalies:

ita.itu said...

panjat ek bdk2 tuh..hehe..sonok tgk

Anonymous said...

congrats to ur adik! such a sweet entry and I hope she'll make the right choice too ;)

Being Normal said...

ita - bdk2 mmg sronok tapi mak bapanyer ler yg panik takut cedera

maya - adik is like apart of us, we'll miss her dearly and hope nothing but the best for her