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Thursday, 21 February 2008

An event in the Ops Theatre

My better half invited us to attend the Chinese New Year Open House held at his work place i.e. the Ops Theatre of a prominent hospital. Can you imagine while patient being operated next door, we are here having a party. Siap ber "yee sang" lagi tu.

The food was good though rationally when you are eating in a hospital with doctors and nurses, you would assume that you will be served healthy food. Tet! Wrong! They were satay, fried rice, drummets, various desert and all type of food that can make you end up in the ops theatre so to speak...

The cuties really had fun except for my hero who was hiding sebab takut belon. Malu we all, our son and the hero in the family takut belon!!!

I know I haven't been that active in visiting other blogs and updating my own blog...this has been a looooong week and I am so exhausted. Banyak giler project kena complete...

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