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Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Hopelessly romantic...ahhh...

Did you read in the newspaper about this chap that spent RM40k for a marriage proposal? Wow, talk about when you have extra money.

I got to snap the pic of the billboard since it is located very near to my house. I know, it's his money and he can do whatever he wants with it, but frankly speaking, if my better half was to proposed like that, I would be more on the angry side rather than the delighted side..why??Sebab 40K!!! Banyak tu, imagine how many shoes I can buy....banyak giler!!! And thank God she said yes!!

Anyway, share ler your marriage proposal, how did your sayang asked your hand in marriage?

3 normalies:

NadiahKhair said...

he said "jom kawin?" as if ajak gi pasar at KLCC delifrance on 31/3/2003 :D I still marah till today.. i was hoping for a candlelite dinner with a turqouise blue box as a dessert..heh!! nak buat camno.. :D

ita.itu said...

hehe romantiknye..hi ke..lama x nmpk..hehe

Being Normal said...

nad - samalah, my better half just tanyer me casually "u nak kawin dgn i tak?"...spoil my fantasy tau mcm kat movie on bended knees and all

ita - tu ler ita, busy giler, nak benapas pun kadang2 tak sempat