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Monday, 16 June 2008

The closing ceremony

After bowling, I had to rush to PNB Derby Park to attend the closing ceremony, one of the projects that is currently under my care while waiting for Mrs GREEN to come back from her confinement(by the way, cepatler balik, dah boring ler takde teman bermakan2).

Since I arrived just in time so managed to take only one photo. I have requested for the company managing this to email to me, so will upload more photos later ya!
I guess this program is one of the program that I really like. To help the unemployed graduates to gain some experience. I have been in that position, looking for job opportunities and was told you are not selected cause you don't have the experience. I have just graduated!!! If no one willing to employ me, how the **** do I get the experience!!! As if!!!!
What capture me the most, the speeches given by my went something like this...
No one owes you anything. Never said you don't have a choice, you do. Never blamed others when you experience something not favourable to you but make the most out of it.
I guess, though I am employed, but I was inspired by that speech. It's time to shift the blame and believe that we do have a choice, just that we may not look hard enough for it!!!

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