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Monday, 16 June 2008

Bowling action

As bloged earlier, we had our bowling tournament(actually, I prefer to use the word competition, tournament sounded so.....professional!!) last Saturday at Cosmic Bowl.
First and foremost, I want to comment about the alley. Not that the alley was that bad, but I prefer the one at Sunway Pyramid, where I bowled earlier with my better half. The bowling ball was not that good, adeler pecah skit sana sini, and the alley was also not as good...I hesitate to say anything about this, people may have the impression...macam terror je minah nie!!
Breakfast dulu, makan bersama tak kira opponent or team sendirik, semangat kesukanan babe!
At the entrance, sape lagik kalau bukan K Red and Azrul, my blogger frens, cum workmate...Let the game begin!!!I did not do too bad, better than last year and better than the other day I had the so called practise with my better half, on average scored about 100 plus skit per game. Ok ler tu kan, usually 70-80 jer...That's a progress kan...
I always wondered this 2 things...
Why do people use powder during bowling, baby powder lak tu...Seeing people did that, I did that too, tak terror gak. I did asked and was told, entah ler, org buat so we all pun buat ler, can someone tell me the rationale of this action.

And why do people use the cloth to wipe the balls. Is is because the ball is dirty or because to smoothen the ball. Again, I I followed the practise, again I don't find that improved my game. Again, I asked around, and again the same answer given above, so again, if you know why, please let me know...again.....
What I heard, unofficially, our team got second. Waiting for the confirmation....Or can again someone please confirm this for me...

2 normalies:

Redmummy said...

1. pakai bedai to make your hand dry. tangan kita ni kan kadang2 licing, so bila pakai bedak and sejukkan kat aircond yang kuor bola tu, makanya sedaplah sket tangna tu bila nak bowl.

but we are not supposed to use that powder, ada special powder for bowling, kat kedai belakang kita main tu ada jual.

2nd. if u use your own ball, u can see the minyak x hengat kat bowling ball tu. macamana nak strike / spair kalau bola licin. bola licin sbb lantai licin. lepas je bola dah come back to u, tu pasal kita kena lapkan semula.

bola yang alley tu bagi, u cant see the minyak, cuba ko bawak bola ko sendiri or ko tengok kawan2 ko punya bola, satu bola tu penuh minyak

2 cents


oi, ko banyak soal lah, oren menang lah!

Faith said...

iyeeeee... ijau dpt no keduaaa