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Tuesday, 17 June 2008

More pindah action

We have made this work plan, to move stage by stage. When we moved out from the previous house, we were having some problems to place our stuff. My parents house is not big enough. So, we placed them some in my cousin's house and most of them in my brother's house.
Since we have received the key, we will be moving these stuff bit by bit. This weekend was to move the stuff from my cousin's place.
We had an early start, arrived there at 9am and by 10am already in Bangi.

Thanks for my dad and my bro for helping us out. Sat lagik kita lunch yer, I'll be cooking the Father's Day Special meals!!!

5 normalies:

nae said...

Bestnyer... I'll be moving too tapi tunggu cuti sekolah hujung tahun. Now tgh renovate bit by bit, so not to burst our cashflow :D

YusVogue said...

cantiknya rumah.... hehe.. nanti dah settle harus tunjuk in details k..hehe

ita.itu said...

penatnye pindah kan kak...harus tunjuk bila dah cun ek..hehe

Dot.Dot said...

New house? Congrats! Sure excited nak decorate nie.. huhuh

Being Normal said...

nae - i pun tgh renovate bit by bit, kalau one shot, pengsan nak bayar lak...

yusvogue & ita- dah siap nanti, akan ku tunjuk ala2 eric deko :)

dot - excited nak decorate, but nak membayo tu yg letih!