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Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Promotees lunch

Quite a handful of people in our organisation got promoted during the recent promotion exercise. They have gathered together and organised this free lunch for the whole company. I think this is a good thing, good news and better wealth should be shared with all....
It was also a good gathering to meet those who you work with under one roof but hardly seen each other. I was looking forward for this gathering, apart from the free lunch which is coincedently consistent with my change the lifestyle mode.
What surprised me the most was the attendance of this lovely lady who used to be my gym buddy and sifu. She is 55 and retired from my company early this year and yet still looking good. Do you know that a year and a half ago, she was 20kg heavier than she is now. But, due to her endless dedication, she managed to cut down the weight and looking good!!
If she can do it, why can't I and at the same time not burning more holes in my pocket!
To all the promotees involved, congrats and if this trend continues, I wish more people get promoted! Makan free tu!!

2 normalies:

lil^RED799 said...

go kak liza go!!!! u can do it!!! am go going ma self too tp mkn tak hengat2...cemana? haisshhh!

Being Normal said...

lil^red - nie buat semangat membara nie!