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Monday, 8 September 2008

Buka puasa @ BSP

We spent last weekend at BSP and we invited Iwan to come along. We were told Anis is now much chubbier than the last time we saw him. I so look forward to that.
We went to the market earlier to buy the stuff for the buka puasa. Iwan is a fan of siakap fish so we bought that just for him.
I cooked several dishes, the main ones are siakap masak cili and sup sayur.
Of course there are other dishes such as ikan kering and ayam goreng.
My better half testing his skills. Ye lah, dah 7 tahun takde anak kecik...He still has it by the way...
Our beautiful niece, Anis, cantik kan mata dia....
Nie yang bersemangat to have another baby...Harus kah???

4 normalies:

lil^RED799 said...

dah jadik WAIJB!!!! dah kak liza..... mesti farihah yg over excited nanti....hehehheheh

lil^RED799 said...

kak liza....check this out!!!!

Mama Mya said...

wah sodapnye lauk pauk tue.. apa tingin nak baby.. haruslah tue tambah sorang lagi hiks..

re = singgah jgn x singgah.. pastu booking sekali hehehe..
alaaa cik mya pakai tudung kejap ajek pastu dia dah tarik..

Being Normal said...

lil^red - wajib ker? don't worry sis, will keep you updated...When is the movie showing?? excited tau!!!

mama mya - keinginan tu memang ada, we'll see how it goes