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Monday, 8 September 2008

Shopping Raya - Part One

Yup, you read it right, we have started our shopping Raya. Nope, it's not too early. Mothers would understand why I say this.
Our theme colour this year is chosen by baby ; every year we will take turns to choose the family theme colour for baju raya. So, baby has chosen what I quote "Purple yer mama, but light skit, jgn terang2".
The three of us, led by Mrs Green and myself and Cik Puan Ambang as the follower, went for the trip last Friday during the long lunch break. Our first destination was Menara Telekom. Apparently, Mrs Green received this email informing there's Raya sale there. We took the LRT to Kerinchi station.
Nothing much there, got baju raya for all ages, kuih raya and few accessories and decorations. I just got few things for the cuties.
Next destination was KL Sentral. Another LRT ride.
The choices here were better. But I still did not purchase anything. Nothing caught my attention just yet...Takpe, more places to go kan??
We are planning for another trip this Friday. Destination to be disclosed later...
Budget larik lagi ler gamaknyer...

3 normalies:

lil^RED799 said...

nak cri tudung ni kak...selain dr arzu yg mahal, jalan TAR yg pack tuh agak agaknye ade tak tempat len?

Zura said...

BN's never too early to prepare for raya pun dh start shopping since sblm puasa sampai sekarang..tak abis2...hihihi...baju anak..semua nk baru..baju tido pun nk baru..
selamat shopping..pegi Subang Parade pun banyak pilihan tau..kalau u nk try la..but i know..a bit far kan..

Being Normal said...

lil^red - try ampang park, the choices ok gak

zura - i memang suka gi subang parade, since zaman skolah lagik, where you can find anything under one roof kan