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Friday, 28 November 2008

Gilmore Girls is back

I don't actually like to watch TV show that comes in series like Heroes, Desperate Housewives and so on. I prefer to watch movies, it will end with one seating. But, if it's series, then you need to follow episode by episode, and become addicted to the show.

However, there are few that captured my attention. One of them is Gilmore Girls. I love the way they talk, cepat giler but with substance. I love the jokes that comes in the script, instead of stupid slapsticks jokes. And I love the show cause I think it's an intelligent show (quoting from azrul ).
So, Gilmore Girls are back to 8TV. But the sad part is, this season shows both mother and daughter, Lorelai and Rory, is having problem with each other. That can't be, their supposed to be the bestest friend. Their supposed to have a mother daughter that everyone dreams of having...
Let's wait for more, hopefully they will be able to make peace with each other.

6 normalies:

Mama Mya said...

dulu suka gak nengok citer nie tapi sekarang dah kurang nengok tv.. manyak godek tenet kat umah lak..

re = lokasinye kat flat desa mentari, klang lama.. susah sikit nak makan coz x de tempat lepak.. hehehe tekak saya rasa okey laa tapi tekak org lain x pasti laaa hehehe

YusVogue said...

nak tgk gak!!! i love this show tau.. kak liza.. bila tu? 8tv bole tengok kat dlm bilik je..hehe

lil^RED799 said...

sukaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa tgk gilmore girls juge!!!!
duduk sini jadi pecinta cerite melayu plak....hahahhahari hari godek youtube tgk series yg disiarkan di astro

me, myself, cici and titi said...

i dah lama tak follow citer nie. I guess rory is in the adolescence stage right now. best la lorelai...mama yang cool

Liza said...

mamamya - sambil tgk criter nie, sambil lipat kain tau

yus - on tuesday, 8pm...tgk yer, then we can exchange thought

lil^red - patut ler nampak mcm adik akak nie makin jiwang, tgk drama melayu rupanyer...

fazid - sedihkan when they are not close anymore, risau if i will have that stage with my 2 daughters...sedih!!!

ak_0143 said...

kak oii
beta pon minat siri ni
n dah beli pon 8 season citer ni
dah habes pon tgk
nak spoiler tak?